Winter Weather Aware

Willard Public Schools’ Staff and Families, 

With the winter season quickly approaching, we wanted to share with you some important information regarding school closings, snow day and AMI days, communication, and childcare. 


The decision to close or alter school will be made as early as possible. The Willard School District will work to communicate via email to families if there is a chance of cancellation in the days leading up to a possible storm. If school is canceled due to severe weather conditions, our Communications Department will use an automated system to call and text staff and families. Typically, this automated call will occur before 5:30 a.m. on the day of the closure. 

  • Staff and families are asked to save the phone number 417-742-2584 and short text code 60680 into their cell phones as "Willard Public Schools."

  • We also ask families to review their contact information in SISK12 (Parent Portal) so we can ensure they are receiving updates as needed. If you do not already receive these messages, contact the district office at 417-742-2584 to update your information.

In addition, announcements about postponements or cancellations will be made on Willard School District’s social media pages and local news media.

Snow Days

In the event school is canceled due to inclement weather, Willard Public Schools will specify in its communication whether it is a Snow Day or an AMI Day. If the day is labeled as a snow day, there will be no AMI learning conducted. We have three snow days built into the 2023-2024 school calendar. 

AMI Days

Alternate Methods of Instruction (AMI) is a flexible form of instruction that will vary based on grade level. In the event of an AMI Day, students will complete assigned coursework from teachers remotely using school Chromebooks (Middle School and High School) and/or provided paper packets (Elementary and Intermediate Schools). Student participation on AMI days is required for all students. Students will be expected to engage in the instruction (method depends on grade level and will be communicated by teachers) and complete any assignments.  For grades PK-12, attendance will be based on assignment completion. 

If school is canceled entirely because of weather, Willard Schools does not offer any child care.

Additional information regarding weather-related school closings can be found on our District Website. If you have any questions, please contact your building secretary. 

Thank you, 

Dr. Eric Wilken

Superintendent of Schools