Important Changes to TigerTALES Coming in 2023-24

We are pleased to announce that our TigerTALES program will undergo some exciting changes over the next several months! As the district looks ahead to long-term fiscal planning, it is clear there is significant opportunity to revamp our TigerTALES program to be more sustainable—both financially and systematically. 

As a program, our salary, benefits, and expenses are more than our revenue, resulting in a minimum loss of $192,079.03 to run TigerTALES in FY23. Our current budget will only sustain one more year before resulting in a deficit budget. The reason TigerTALES is sustaining in FY23 is the Paycheck Protection Plan grant money we received in FY22. 

Our academic team provided recommendations to our Board of Education based on peer district before and after school program comparisons as it relates to enrollment, tuition, staffing, and pay. In January, our board voted to approve the presented program recommendations, which include several changes to the operation and sustainability of the program. 

Organizational Structure & Payment

First and foremost, we have hired a TigerTALES Program Coordinator and Secretary. These positions will play an integral role in overseeing the program, establishing sustainable systems, developing operating policies and procedures, tracking attendance, and more. 

Furthermore, we will be increasing the program’s staff pay rate to $12/hour to attract and retain highly qualified staff members who are committed to providing the best possible care to our students.

Tuition & Enrollment

As part of these changes, we will be capping enrollment at each TigerTALES site to ensure that we can provide the highest quality care to all of our students. Additionally, we will be increasing the program’s daily rate from $10/day to $15/day, which will increase the monthly full-time rate from $200 to $300 per month. Although this is an increase, this rate allows our district to remain the most affordable option for before and after school childcare locally, while enabling us to invest more into our program to provide our students with the best possible care and learning opportunities. We will no longer offer a sibling discount.

Enrollment options are no longer broken into days of the week (1-3, 3-5), but instead are one of the following three—Before School, After School, or Before and After School. See the monthly rates for each enrollment option below:

TigerTALES Tuition
*Tiger TALES tuition rates are subject to change in order to support the employee minimum wage increase and program needs.

Willard Staff Members’ Tuition

Nearly 26% of students enrolled in TigerTALES are staff children, which contributes to the imbalance we’re seeing with enrollment and revenue. Willard staff members who wish to enroll their children will now pay a $50/month fee per family, not per child

2023-24 TigerTALES Registration 

Registration for 2023-24 TigerTALES will open to the public on Friday, June 9, 2023. The registration link will be sent via email to all staff and families. 

Registration will be first-come, first-served as your submission is date and time stamped. Information needed for registration includes: child’s legal name and date of birth, parent/guardian’s name, address, phone and email, and building preference.

Submission does not indicate confirmation of a 2023-24 TigerTALES spot. Confirmation of a spot will be made via phone call or email from Shelby Baker, Coordinator of Tiger TALES. If your student has a confirmed spot, instructions will be given/sent regarding how to complete enrollment, submit documents, and pay the $30 enrollment fee.  

As TigerTALES continues to expand, it is essential that we scale our infrastructure and systems to support the continued growth. Not doing so will lead to a shortfall in funding, jeopardizing the continuity of the program. We believe that these changes will help us to provide an even better experience for our students, workers, and the district as a whole. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.