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Sensory Garden!

For the last several months, one of our Special Education educators, Ms. Nicki Blaeuer, has been building a sensory garden in the courtyard adjacent to her room. It's coming along so nicely and is going to be a wonderful place for her students to visit and learn! 


Many of our WMS Action teams have gotten involved! Officer Garton and Ms. Blaeuer filled up most of the flower beds this week and were able to get the veggies in them. They have a few more beds to fill before school gets out.


The Sensory path is almost all filled up! Each spot has different textures in them and the kids are able to walk on or sit and use their hands. Some of the rocks that were painted by students in the school are included in the sensory path, the rest of them will be added to another spot!


Greenhaw's class has been bringing out flower beds and air conditioning covers they have made and Treadway's class has been working hard on the mural. If you haven't stopped by, you really should check it out!


We still have quite a bit to do. Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to donate, create items, and to those that just stop by to see how progress is going.


Click here to view pictures of our progress!