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Festival of Music - 7th and 8th grade band competition

Good morning fellow educators and administrators!

Wanted to share that our 7th & 8th Grade Bands participated in the Festival of Music hosted by Worlds of Fun this past weekend in Kansas City. Both bands played wonderfully and represented the Willard community without reproach. 
The 8th Grade Band received FIRST PLACE in the Large Middle School Band Division, and the 7th Grade Band received SECOND PLACE in the same division!! They only give placements for the top two bands in each division, and this is the second year in a row Willard has taken both awards! 
Additionally, the 8th Graders received that first place two years in a row! Last year, as 7th Graders, they won as well, so they are 2-for-2!!
Please congratulate all of those amazing students when you see them!! We are super proud of all they've accomplished!!
~Aaron, Molly, Victoria, and Shane