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Explore Your Future Day

By: Emma Hurt

Scribbling pencils, nail-biting, and stress levels all increase when students are asked about their future. Oftentimes people are unsure about their future simply because they don’t have enough information or don’t know how to get there. 

WHS hosted an Explore Your Future day for their students Nov. 11. This included informational sessions, a job fair, and a college fair, that the students could participate in to learn more about future careers. 

“My experience was really good. I got to learn about things that I never really thought about and got to hear other points of view on different careers,” Madison Terry (11) said. 

Bella Flores (12) said that she had a similar experience and thought overall the day was very interesting. 

“I thought it was really interesting to go to all of these different people speaking and see all of the people from different career fields,” Flores said. “I knew what I wanted to do but there were all these different things within that and I thought it was really interesting to hear about.” 

Peyton Rusher (10) said that he thought the day was pretty good, especially since he got free things. 

“ I got a free cookie from a Chick-Fil-A worker and I got a coupon from the snowmobile worker for a free snow cone,” Rusher said. “The day was pretty cool.”

Terry said she learned about new perspectives. 

“I think Explore Your Future was really beneficial because it got to teach other people what kind of career types there are and different points of view on different things, ” Terry said. 

Rusher said that it helped him figure out what careers he would actually like and what not to do in the future. 

“I think it is really beneficial because it helps students figure out what they really want to do,” Rusher said. “If I went to a session and found out that it wasn’t the job for me, then it would help me realize I need to find a new career.”

Flores said that she thought it was cool to hear the presenters' stories and how their hard work brought them to where they are now. 

“I thought it was definitely beneficial for students to hear all of the different people speak about their experiences and what they did to get where they are now,” Flores said.

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