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Board of Education Election Update

On Tuesday, April 6th our community had the opportunity to vote for two individuals to each serve a three year term for our Willard Schools Board of Education. The results of that election as of 4/8/21 at 9:00AM are below:

Matthew E. Young: 758

Amanda Gooch: 546

Jennifer S. Triplett: 546

Stephanie Lynn Campbell: 367

We want to congratulate and thank each candidate for running a fantastic campaign to serve our Willard students. Matthew E. Young will continue to serve our students on the Willard School Board for another 3-year term. As you can see, at this time there is a tie between Amanda Gooch and Jennifer S. Triplett. We are working closely to verify and confirm results and what the next steps in this process will be. We look forward to sharing that information with you as it becomes available.