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Willard Intermediate School South Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting  Welcome  Ribbon Cutting

By Kale Harris, WHS Journalism Program 

Willard Intermediate School-South officially opened its doors to the public with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting Tuesday, Aug. 6.  

Parents, students and teachers convened in the school commons to watch head principal Stacey Pippin introduce the school.

Pippin’s speech affirmed her hope to create a comfortable space to learn while whiteboards were positioned in the back in order to open discussion regarding the appearance of an inviting school. 

“We’re excited to invite kids in, and to utilize these new spaces in order to get students and teachers working together,” Pippin said.

Afterwards, attendees were invited to tour the building and interact with student leaders.

Sixth-grader Bailey Cole serves on the Intermediate School leadership team and was in charge of answering questions regarding the music room. 

“I’m excited because it’s a new building and really modern,” Cole said. “I think it will be a lot of fun.”

The music room, art room, commons and full sized gym create the central part of the building while “pods” serve as flexible classroom areas. Each pod includes classrooms, teacher offices and a common learning space. 

While the school will accommodate 350 students in this session, it was designed in order to hold up to 700 students in anticipation of population growth. 

The school will join the district in session Aug. 15.