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Winter Weather FAQs & Late Start Schedule

It may seem early for winter weather information, but we're sharing this frequently asked questions document with our families early this year because we've made an important change to the Late Start Schedule. Find our updated Winter Weather FAQs here. This includes the very important piece about our updated late start schedule outlined below:

Q:What is the Late Start Schedule?

This Late Start Schedule allows traffic & plows to clear roads a little longer, allows students that drive to do so in full daylight and after rush hour, and allows buses extra time to get on the roads and start their routes. 

Grades 7-12 begin at approximately 9:25AM (2 hours later than normal)

Grades PreK-6 begin at approximately 10:40AM (2 hours later than normal)

Note: This is NEW for the 2020-21 school year, and will replace the previously used Late Start Schedule. Above times may vary by a few minutes building-to-building to accommodate bus schedules. There will be no morning Tiger TALES on late start days.

In the event of a "Late Start" day, every effort will be made to communicate this decision by 6:00AM via phone call, text message, email, as well as social media and website notifications. We are hopeful that we won't have to use this new schedule anytime soon, but we will be prepared if need be.