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Modified Quarantine Health Services Update

Willard Families:

As we navigate through the ever-changing health guidelines, Governor Parson announced a change in guidance for Missouri schools. Last week the Missouri Department of elementary and secondary education released this updated guidance based on information gathered since the beginning of our school year. In this updated guidance, the effectiveness of masking impacts the quarantine process. We partnered with our local Springfield-Greene County Health Department to implement  some of these updated guidelines:

Effective Monday, November 23, 2020, we will follow a new quarantine procedure:

If the individual diagnosed with COVID-19 and the close contact were both wearing masks appropriately during the time of exposure in the school setting, the close contact would follow a modified quarantine, allowing students to attend school, with daily symptom monitoring.

Details around this updated guidance are outlined here and the graphic below. The key to being exempt from having to quarantine is proper mask wearing by both the positive individual and the person being exposed. We will continue our current quarantine process for students and employees any time masks are not being worn or able to be worn (lunch contacts, physical activity, etc).

Keep in mind, this only applies to the school setting. If you have a positive COVID-19 case in your household or elsewhere outside of the District, your student would still be expected to quarantine for 14 days. The modified quarantine procedure only applies to attending the regular school day and not to attend extra curricular activities, during quarantine time period. Find more information on the modified quarantine procedures, here.

In hopes of keeping as many students as possible learning with us at school, we will expand our facial covering (mask or gaiter mask) requirement to include ALL STUDENTS, grades Pre-K-12, effective Monday, November 30th (following Thanksgiving Break). This decision was made with careful consideration to ensure quality learning for our students. With practice and grace, we will support our students to promote the health and safety of themselves and others. 

Students who are currently on quarantine will be contacted by school officials to inform you whether or not your quarantine can be modified. Please await contact from us before returning to school.  Students and staff with symptoms, quarantined based on a household positive and positive for COVID-19 will still remain in quarantine/isolation. We will still be notifying families of close contact exposure and we expect all students to continue to self monitor prior to coming to school daily! 

Thank you, Willard Schools


Wear a mask. Stay in School.