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  • Last Week of School

    What a wonderful way to end the school year. This week students have gotten to sharpen the saw a lot! On Tuesday, students enjoyed a variety of activities on field day, everything from fishing to different water games and Angry Birds Catapults. On Thursday, students got to show off their leadership skills by participating in the Runner in Me 5K. Students ran or walked a portion or the whole 5K. Finally, today students and staff celebrated all their wonderful accomplishments for the year. We recognized perfect attendance, special area awards and got to celebrate teachers that are leaving us and going to leave their marks on the world. Thanks to all students, parents and teachers for a wonderful school year. Keep the mind, body, and spirit sharp this summer and we will see you back on Meet the Teacher Night and PTO BBQ August 15th.

    Check out our Facebook page for all the wonderful pictures. 


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  • Leadership Grant Award to Rylee Adams

    One of Willard Central's very own 4th grade students, Rylee Adams, has been awarded a $500 leadership grant from the FranklinCovey Education Division for his video submission in the annual 2017 Leader in Me International Student Speech Contest.

    Students attending Leader in Me Schools (K-12) were encouraged to enter the 2017 Leader in Me International Student Speech Contest by submitting a video, featuring a traditional speech or creative message on an engaging leadership topic that was important to them. One or more students could be featured in the video, and students could receive help from parents or at school, but students were to do the majority of the work in creating the videos.

    The contest allows students the opportunity of speaking in public to further develop their leadership skills. Leader in Me Schools offer students opportunities to speak at Leadership Days, at symposia, in assemblies and in the classroom, as well as to participate in the contest, to continue improving their public speaking skills.

    Nearly 300 speeches were submitted by students throughout the world, including the U.S., Canada, Panama, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Guatemala. Congratulations Rylee on your hard work and dedication on finding the Leader in You!

    Take a look at Rylees video and the award ceremony. #FranklinCovey#leaderinme


    Rylee Adams Video

    Cermony Video

    Rylee's Speech

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  • 2017 All School Concert

    Last Thursday night was amazing! The songs where ploshed, the voices sounded amazing, the jokes were flying! Willard Central students had their all school concert. It was a night of, A Little Bit of Country and A Little Bit of Rock-n-Roll. Way to go students you sounded amazing! A special thanks to Mrs. Chatman, Mrs. Kuchta, and Mrs. Reed for all their hard work in helping us get ready.


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  • Family Reading Night

    Thanks to everyone who came out last night and celebrated the end to this year’s Family Book Club, and Fine Arts Night. We had a wonderful time leaving our mark, getting to dress-up and showing off all our wonderful art. Thanks to Mrs. Mello and the Arty Party leadership team for all their work, and to Mrs. Floyd and the Buddy Readers for all their hard work in making last night so wonderful.

    Family Reading Night-Cup Stacking Family Reading Night Fine Arts Night Leave your Mark Volleyball

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  • Bus Boot Camp

    Today the Student Lighthouse Team reminded students how we use the 7 Habits on the bus. They created new mission states for each but to help remind students of the right thing to do.

    Light House Team Picture One  Light House Team Picture 2

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  • Math Night

    Last Thursday night students got to show off to parents what they know in the area of math. Parents also got to see how students are working math problems and resources that they can use to help their student at home. Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate all the wonderful things that are happening in the areas of math.

    mn1  mn2  mn3  mn4

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  • Community Service Projects

    Willard Central shared their school pride and showed their thankful hearts for our school with our Day of Service this afternoon. All students, staff and parent volunteers helped trim trees, paint walls, pull weeds, clear rock, power-wash the playground equipment, pick up trash and wash windows, walls, floors, tables, chairs and desks! A special thank you also to Mr. Brown, Coach Brown and Mr. Hernandez for working on finishing the office walls. It was an amazing day and blessed way to leave for the Thanksgiving Break! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a great day of service!

    sd1  sd2  sd3

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  • Food Drive

    WCE Food Drive is under way to support the Willard Food Pantry this week. Donated items count as a vote for a pie in the face of the "winning" staff memeber. Staff members in the running for a pie in the face are: Mrs. Katrosh, Mr. Gann, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Madden, Mr. Helms, Mrs. Gray, Coach, Brown, and Mrs. Mello. 

    Food Drive

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  • Habit 6- Synergize

    Willard Central students focused on Habit 6 this week: Synergize. Kindergarten teachers and students shared examples of synergizing to work with others to achieve a common goal.


    Synergize 1  Synergize 2

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  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood
    Our 4th grade teaches also helped students learn about Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then be understood.  This habit teaches us to listen without interrupting and to consider the point of view of others even when they are different than our own.  This can be a difficult habit for students, staff, parents and principals alike, but a powerful in habit changing our paradigms.
    Inline image 3
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  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win

    Willard Central focused on Habit 4 this week: Think Win-Win. This habit is a difficult one because it requires us to think about others and consider a third alternative when conflicts arise. Habit 4 also challenges us to balance courage for getting what I want with consideration for what others want. 4th grade leaders Evien, Charles and Mica modeled different examples of what a lose-lose, win-lose and win-win scenario might look like in reading time.


    Habit 4

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  •  Habit 3: Put First Things First

     This week students and staff are looking at Habit 3. Habit 3 is “Put First Things First”. “Put First Things First” is about setting priorities, taking care of important business before other things. Here are some student examples of what this habit means to them personally:

     “I need to do my chores before I can go play.”

    “I need to do my homework before I can go play.”

     “I get dressed before I go to school.”

     “Learning before playing.


    1st THings1st

    1st1st 1st

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  • Leader In Me: Habits One and Two


    Be Proactive

    Over the last couple of weeks, students and teachers have been discussing Habit One and Habit Two. Students learned in week one what it means to “Be Proactive.” Students learned that to be proactive we not only take responsibility for our own actions and decisions, but “choose our weather.” Our attitude and the way we approach situations.Habit ONe

    Habit Two is “Begin with the End in Mind.” This means we have a clear understanding of the direction we want tom and develop a plan in how we want to get there. Students and staff have been challenged to think of Mission Statements that can guide them personally. Additionally, Class Mission Statements help achieve classroom goals.

    Begin with The End in Mind

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  • Paradigms

    This week Willard Central has been focusing on Paradigms. We all have ways we look at different situations and how we handle those situations. Teachers, staff, and even students are learning new ways to look and react to the world around them differently.

    When you build a tower, the stronger the bottom or foundation, the higher you can build. Paradigms (pair-a-dimes) are part of a strong foundation for the 7 Habits. This section introduces your child to paradigms.

     My point of view is called my paradigm. Everyone has a paradigm. Paradigms are not right or wrong; just different. My paradigm may change as I learn new things.

    Literature Suggestions:

    • Frederick by Leo Lionni
    • Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg
    • Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber


    Suggestions to help your child understand paradigms:

    • Listen to your child; often children have unbiased observations.
    • Help your child learn about the world; visit lots of local places.
    • When you disagree with your child, take the time to listen to his/her paradigm or point of view. Share your paradigm.
    • Encourage your child to look at books that include children who are from different places and who look different.
    • Listen to different types of music.


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  • Last Week of School

    We capped off this great school year in style with a full week of activities.  Thank you to Coach Luciana Brown for organizing an exceptional Field Day.  Despite the cool temps and rainy week, students enjoyed nearly 20 different activities (fishing, slip and slide, Vortex Cannon, kiddie pool kickball and human foosball just to name a few!).  Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff members for helping make this event such a wonderful memory for our students!

    Inline image 1 Inline image 2
    Thank you to Will, Peyton, Riley, Julia, Mrs. Valerie Gayer, Miss Siebert and Coach Brown for capping off our first year of Leader in Me presenting to the School Board on Thursday evening.  Students shared about how they have grown as leaders, served in leadership roles and how they use the 7 habits to at school and at home.  It was also great to hear about this journey from a parent's eyes.  We are excited for the 2nd year of training and continuing this path for the new school year!
    Inline image 3
    On Friday morning, we wrapped up the year with our Terrific Tiger Celebration.  We recognized students with perfect attendance for the last quarter and the entire school year.  In addition to recognizing our special area awards, we also honored our staff members embarking on a new journey next year.  We want to send a special thank you and wish a happy retirement to Mrs. Susan Maples and Mrs. Debbie Gromer.  Ms. Susan has served the Willard District for 27 years and has been at Central since the doors opened 20 years ago.  Her service to our students and staff as the kitchen manager has impacted so many people!  Mrs. Gromer has served as the WC Counselor for the past 9 years.  She has been a blessing to students and staff members providing guidance and support for nearly a decade.  These ladies will be greatly missed and we wish them the very best in their retirement.
    At our final assembly, we also recognized our Teacher and Staff Members of the Year.  These individuals are nominated by peers and parent input.  Our Teacher of the Year was Mrs. Kayla Owen from 1st grade.  Mrs. Owen has taught at WC for 8 years and was nominated for going above and beyond to meet the needs of her students to help them succeed inside and outside of the classroom.  Mrs. Christy Tree received the Staff Member of the Year award.  Mrs. Tree served this year as a Kindergarten Instructional Aide providing individual and small group support to students.  Her smile, positive attitude and desire to jump in and help any student or staff member in need were repeatedly mentioned in her nominations.  
    Tree  Owen
    Thank you again to our students, parents, staff and community for a great school year!  Have a safe, blessed summer!  Keep reading and keep leading!
    Dr. Shane Medlin, Principal
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  • 2nd Grade Restaurant

    Our 2nd graders would like to thank everyone who came out to support their restaurant! Friday students became hosts and hostesses, servers and table busters. Students did a wonderful job being leaders and serving our guests that came out to support their restaurant.

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    4th Grade Celebration RSVP

    4th Grade parents, just a reminder the 4th grade celebration RSVP for the Springfield Tower Club is due next Friday, April 29th. Parents are welcomed to attend, but will be required to $25 per person. If you have any questions please call the school office 417-831-4440.

    4th Grade Celebration


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  • The Willard Central Student Lighthouse Team invites you to our school’s 20th Year Celebration

    Friday, May 6th, 2016

    9:00-11:00 a.m.

    We will be celebrating Willard Central’s 20th year of student learning. We will have an assembly with student leaders and guest speakers sharing about our school’s history. At this time, we will also be opening the school’s time capsule to see treasures from the past and to put in new treasures for the future. Following our assembly, guests are invited to stay for a building tour, engage with students about their learning and share in some refreshments.  If you are able to join us, please call our office by Wednesday, April 27th to let us know how many people we can expect. Our school phone number is 417-831-4440. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


    Check out the official invitation

    20 year celebration

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  • Cup Stacking Championship 

    Friday morning at community time we had our annual cup stacking championship. Students from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades all competed. For weeks they have been practicing during their free time trying to get ready to take the big stage. On Friday it came down to 6 individuals. Out of the 6 individuals that competed Peyton from 4th grade came in first and Dawson from 4th grade came in second. Congratulation boys on your victories and congratulations to all the finalists on your hard work and determination to get this far.


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  • Family Reading Night & the Conclusion

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Family Reading Night last night. We had such a good time finishing up our Family Reading Club this year by floating down a chocolate river, and making our own inventions and the best part of the night being able to indulge in chocolate covered fruit. Then for the big finally today we got to watch the movie Charley and The Chocolate Factory and those who came last night and dropped their tickets in their teachers box got their very own full sized candy bars while they watched the movie. We hope that everyone had fun and that everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!


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  • Love For Lego Man 

    Wow! Willard Central you are amazing! Today students and staff brought in donations of money and Lego’s to bless Joey who started chemo treatments yesterday. As a school we wanted to bless Joey and his family. As of today, $1500 has been donated and at least 3 tubs of Legos. Willard Central, thank you for your generous hearts in blessing Joey and his family as they go through this rough time. If you forgot your donations today, don’t feel bad. Donations will be accepted all week.


    a GIPHY

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  • Willard Children's Charitable Foundation Fundraiser

    Willard Central focused on Habit 2 this week - Begin with the End in Mind.  This year for the Willard Children's Charitable Foundation fundraiser our students did a change drive.  Change counted positively towards each class' goal and bills counted against a class total.  Classes strategized together all week in carrying out their game plan for how to achieve their goal of raising $1 per student while trying to win a dodgeball game against the staff.  Our students took this great cause of helping fellow Willard students to heart by supporting the WCCF.  They also worked hard in carrying out their class plans to increase their class totals while blocking other classes that were moving ahead on the totals board.  At the end of school on Thursday, more than $950 had been donated.  Their plans will kick in to full swing on Friday when the closing bell sounds and the classes make their final moves.  We are excited to see the grand total and celebrate our students' generosity!Our students have also worked hard to achieve their mid-year goals for their fitness testing in PE.  Beginning with the end in mind, students set goals based on their first quarter performance.  Students pushed each other to be better through some friendly competition.  Congratulations to Cameron for setting our new high score on the PACER.  New goals and plans for the end of the year are being created as students continue to grow and challenge themselves.

    Dr. Shane Medlin, Principal


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  • 7 Habits In The Hallway 

    Way to go 4th Grade! This morning at community time the 4th grade team introduced our new hallway matrix. They took the 7 habits and helped us to establish new standards for our hallways and helped us remember some old ones. They did this by demonstrating the incorrect way to walk through the hallway and then they would demonstrate the correct way to walk through the hallway. Awesome job!

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  • Emotional Bank Accounts

    This week students and staff have been focusing on emotional bank accounts. An emotional bank is where you either make a deposit (building someone up, or doing something nice) or a withdrawal (doing something that is negative or mean.) The Student Lighthouse Team has given us different examples this week on what it looks like to make a deposit into someone’s bank account and what withdraws look like. Overall, we have identified six ways to make deposits or to reduce withdraws and they are, understand the individual, keeping commitments, clarifying expectations, attending to the little things, showing personal integrity, and apologizing when we make a withdraws. We have learned this week that our words and actions can either make a deposit into someone’s life or withdraws. Thank you Student Lighthouse Team for showing us how to treat each other in a more positive way.


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  • Circle of Control
    This week members from our Student Lighthouse Team taught about a very essential aspect of choosing how to be proactive and seeking first to understand before being understood.  That essential aspect is our Circle of Control.
    Using various situations through skits and demonstrations our Student Lighthouse Leaders were able to give examples of what is IN our control and OUT of our control.  Examples that are IN our circle of control are the way we talk to others, the effort we put into learning, or our own attitudes. Situations that are OUT of our circle of control are what other people think, someone else having a bad day, and past mistakes we have made.
    As a school community we are learning that good leaders stay aware of what is in their circle of control and what is outside of our control.  Realizing this important reality helps us to know how and when to respond to people and situations in a productive and appropriate manner.
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  • Student Lighthouse Team

    Today our Student Lighthouse Team again helped us remember another important fact about paradigms. .” Many times we forget when it comes to other people to exercise habit 4 ‘Seek First to Understand; Then to be understood.’ “Our future is determined by what we believe and think. Our paradigms, or mindsets are what we choose to believe about ourselves, people around us, and our circumstance. If you don’t like how you feel about something, then make a proactive choice to change your attitude or your opinion about it.” Thanks again Lighthouse Team for helping us better understand how to change our mindsets.

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  • Reminder From Student Lighthouse Team

    This morning some of the members of the Student Lighthouse Team reminded us that when things get hard that we first need to choose our own weather. When we choose our own weather we choose our attitude and how we will react to situations. Second when we change our paradigm or our mind-set, we go from having a defeated attitude to an "I can" attitude. Thank you Lighthouse Team for reminding us that when things get tough we need to continue to press forward and not give up!

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  • Congratulations Miss Joe!

    Miss Joe

    Tonight at the school board meeting, our Miss Joe was recognized with the Willard Board Excellence Award.  Miss Joe has been a fixture at Willard Central Elementary for 11 years.  She has served the needs of our staff taking care of tasks for them to free them up to focus their efforts on our students. Miss Joe has logged more copies, worn out more staplers, bound more student books and cut out more lamination than any individual in the school’s history!  She has repaired the copy machine more times than we can count and she is always willing to help a student or staff member in need.  Tuesdays are a blessing at Willard Central because we know, Miss Joe will be in the workroom working away while brightening everyone's day with her kind, yet a little sassy, smile and personality.  

    Miss Joe Venzlaff is extremely deserving of this award.  As our school has focused on Leadership with our students, Miss Joe lives out the example of servant leadership before our students' eyes.  She is an unsung hero who gives selflessly of her time and energy to invest in our teachers and our school.  While Willard was never her home school, she brings the feeling of home and family into our school each time she walks through our doors. Thank you to Miss Joe for your years of service, and a special thank you for your excellence in modeling a servant's heart to our students and staff. 

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  • The Leader In Me

    7 Habits

    Willard Central is pleased to share that we will be implementing The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey with our students.  Mr. Covey is well known for his leadership training and his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  These same habits apply to children in developing them as leaders.  Many classroom teachers and our special area teachers started implementing The 7 Habits with our students last year and now our entire school is working on being trained in this process.  As partners in education, we would like to encourage families to join us in talking about and utilizing these habits at home.  This consistent language between home and school will have a beneficial and lifelong impact for our students.

    Like you, I am a parent of students in Willard.  My desire for my own children is for them to be respectful of themselves and others, to be responsible for themselves and others, and to be confident leaders.  I hope you will be able to talk about these habits and use them in your own home.  Put them on the refrigerator.  Discuss them at the dinner table or when a “learning opportunity” arises.  If students are having trouble thinking of examples for the habits, ask them what their teachers have shared about the habits to spark their thinking. 

    Together, we have an opportunity to raise up a great generation of respectful, responsible, happy, healthy leaders.  Thank you for your partnership in this mission.  Feel free to contact the school with any questions or you can access parent support information on our school’s webpage at or watch a video on the 7 Habits at the following link:

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    Blessing of The Week

    Siebert Week

    A few weeks ago, we were having a class discussion about ways to Sharpen the Saw, and one way to do that is to help serve others.  It makes our hearts grow as we learn to care for others more than ourselves.  I posed the question, "What can our class do to show love to others?"  The students came up with blessing the teachers during conference week.  They recognized the teachers have been working very hard over the crazy month of October, and they wanted to show appreciation for that. They decided to donate some of their allowance money from home to help fund the drinks, candy, cups, etc.  I think I only had to pay $2.16 for the remaining amount.  We divided up roles...a group finding and typing encouraging quotes, a group to get teacher orders, a group to cut and tie ribbons, and then everyone is going to deliver.  It has been an extreme pleasure watching them take such pride in serving. Students said, "It is a Win-Win. The teachers feel appreciated, and it makes us feel good too."  I am SO incredibly proud of them!  ~ Miss Bethany Siebert, 4th Grade Teacher.
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  • Thank You Veterans!

    Wednesday morning was a blessing as our students and staff honored our Veterans for their service to our country and protecting our freedoms. Parents and staff members provided a wonderful breakfast for our Veterans and their students.  Thank you to the WHS JNROTC for presenting the flag and for their Tandem Rifle Presentation.  Also, a special thank you to Mr. Kevin Holle, father of Galia Holle, for speaking to our students and Veterans about service. A special moment for all in attendance was when our students introduced their Veterans in attendance and shared why they thought their family member was a hero.  Thank you to all who helped make our Veterans Day Assembly a special memory for our students and their families, and thank you to our Veterans for your service and sacrifice for our country!

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