Every Kid Connected 




Student Technology Boot Camp


Acceptable Use Policies 

See the EHB section of the Willard R-2 School Board Polices site for the policies listed below.  
  • EHB Technology Usage
  • EHB-AF1Technology Usage (Parent/Guardian Technology Agreement)
  • EHB-AF2 Technology Usage (Student User Agreement)
  • EHB-AF3Technology Usage (Employee Technology Agreement)
  • EHB-AF4 Technology Usage (External User Technology Agreement)
  • EHB-AP Technology Usage (Technology Safety)


Tiger Tech Depot 

A technician will be available to help students with their devices during the following times:

  • Open every morning before school until 7:30am.
  • The first 10 minutes of every class period. 

When should you go to the Tiger Tech Depot?

  • To check out a Netbook
  • Laptop repair
  • Tech issue that cannot be solved by a friend or a teacher