Willard Public Schools Board of Education Policies

  • Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

    Illegal Discrimination and Harassment, School Improvement Plan, Wellness, Tobacco-Free Buildings, Weapons & Firearms, Data Reporting, Accountability

    Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

    Powers and Duties, Elections, Qualifications, Ballot Issues, Oath, Resignation, Removal from Office, Ethics, Conflict of Interest, Officers, Meetings, Release of Information 

    SECTION C: General School Administration

    Administration duties, organization, evaluation, handbooks, interns, reports, and schedules

    SECTION D: Fiscal Management

    Budget, grants, revenue, deposits, accounting, audits, purchasing, cash, surplus, and sale.

    SECTION E: Support Services

    Safety, hazardous materials, disease, emergency plans, security, transportation, technology, health records

    SECTION F: Facilities Development

    Planning, closings, surveying and engineering services, bidding procedure, contract awards, and facility names

    SECTION G: Personnel

    Family and medical leave, staff relations and conduct, health and safety, alcohol and drug testing, background checks, tobacco policy, personnel records, vacations and leaves, staff development, retirement, salaries, and evaluation

    SECTION I: Instruction

    Academic calendar, curriculum, programs for students with disabilities, homeless and migrant students, at risk, class size, field trips, libraries, volunteers, graduation, testing, and school ceremonies

    SECTION J: Students

    Attendance areas, transfers, residency, dress code, care of property by students, weapons, A+ program, discipline, suspension, health services, administration of medication, crisis intervention, safety, student fees, and student records

    SECTION K: School-Community Relations

    Public information, use of facilities, visitors, recordings, public complaints, and law enforcement