Tiger Pride Assemblies

  • Tiger Pride is a monthly celebration assembly held on the last Friday of the month, or close to the last Friday of the month. Tiger Pride is about celebration and focused on our students. The students LOVE Tiger Pride assemblies!

    • Each assembly is listed on the school calendar
    • Tiger Pride always starts at 2:30 and usually lasts 30 minutes, give or take a few minutes.
    • You can take your student with you after the assembly and they will not be counted absent.
    • Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend.

    Some of the things we celebrate

    • Terrific Tiger:  Teachers will let their students know their criteria for this award. It is similar to a Student of the Month award. No ONE recognition is greater than another. 
    • Special Class: Each special class teacher(Art, Music,PE,Library,Computer) may choose a class to be recognized based on criteria set within the classroom.
    • Academic Achievement: Teachers choose various students they would like to recognize for academic achievement or improvement.
    • Go Green: Students who stayed on green or did not have any behavior infractions are recognized.
    • Drops in the Bucket: Students who have modeled examples of our monthly character education words are recognized.
    • Tiger Token Award: Students and classrooms can earn Tiger Tokens for good behavior. We keep a running total throughout the year of classrooms who collect the most Tiger Tokens. The teacher with the highest monthly total will be recognized with a traveling trophy. 
    • Box Top Award: Every year we collect Box Tops in each classroom. We will announce the classrooms in the lead collecting Box Tops from each grade level and that teacher will get a traveling trophy. 
    • Perfect Attendance: This is defined by being present at school. Your body has to be at school for perfect attendance. We sometimes have questions about excused absences. There are times a student must be absent from school. If their body is not here they are not considered “in attendance.” The only think that does not count against them is leaving early after the Tiger Pride.
    • Ice Cream Cake/Lunchroom Conduct: Students with good behavior at lunch are recognized with purple Tiger Tokens. Once a month we draw 40 purple Tiger Tokens and those students receive Dairy Queen ice cream cake at lunch time the following week.

    *Celebrations and recognitions are subject to change throughout the year.

    We strive to shine a positive light on student achievement and student character while keeping the event light-hearted and upbeat. Tiger Pride Events are for the students of Willard East and we appreciate you keeping the best interests and well being of our student body at the forefront. We look forward to seeing you at our Tiger Pride Events throughout the school year.