District Growth Hours Guidelines

  • The purpose of District Growth Hours is to provide additional professional development for certified staff. Each staff member is required to log 6 hours based on the requirements below:

    • District Growth Hours will be reported in Talent Ed.
    • 6 Hours must be completed by end of academic year (June 1st).
    • Hours must be completed outside of regular contract time, but can include in-house or outside events. PD hours during the school day/contracted time may count for an individual’s Professional Development Plan or certification requirements, but will not count towards the District Growth Hours.

    After school
    Summer (non-contracted time)
    School holidays

    • Hours may NOT be earned through:

    Work towards advanced degrees
    Participation in district pd days 

PLC Committee Members

  • Willard Central

    • Jill Berry
    • Christa Hernandez

    Willard East

    • Melinda Dickinson
    • Nicole Waddell

    Willard North

    • Jessica Ridder
    • Whitney Paszek

    Willard Orchard Hills

    • Heather Hurt
    • Emory Clark

    Willard South

    • Rebecca Champ
    • Kara Adams

    Willard North Intermediate

    • Tiffany Dutcher
    • Renee Rasco

    Willard South Intermediate

    • Arrica Jessen
    • Kennedy Cisneros

    Willard Middle School

    • Brooke Totty
    • Kara Lane

    Willard High School

    • Amy Dixon
    • Ashley Otradovec

    Curriculum & Instruction

    • Melanie Jones, Instructional Coach, WCE
    • Kelia Anderson, Instructional Coach, WEE
    • Dana Runyan, Instructional Coach, WNE
    • Kristin Ausmus, Instructional Coach, WOHE
    • Laurissa Jones, Instructional Coach, WSE
    • Olivia Santhuff, Instructional Coach, WIS-N
    • Sam Muller, Instructional Coach, WIS-S
    • Amy Davis, Instructional Coach, WMS
    • Tony Sharpsteen, Instructional Coach, WHS

    Ex-Officio Members

    • Shannon Cuff, CIA Director
    • Melissa Lewis, SPED Director