Willard Intermediate Vision Statement

  • The vision of the Willard Intermediate School community is to provide a safe, nurturing, culturally diverse environment which will promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, academic excellence, literacy, and character in students, while inspiring each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

    In order to achieve our vision of the learning process:
    STUDENTS will actively participate in their learning by thinking critically and pursuing academic excellence while demonstrating respect of self, others and property.
    PARENTS will encourage, support, and be actively involved in their child’s education and provide a safe and wholesome home environment.
    TEACHERS will create a culture of continuous learning by keeping abreast of current educational developments through high-quality professional development while encouraging, challenging, and engaging each student within a safe and respectful environment.
    WILLARD INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL community will create an atmosphere that promotes self-control and self-discipline, provide enriching extracurricular activities and ensure community involvement in decision-making and policy to create a shared responsibility for student success.
    WILLARD R-II SCHOOL DISTRICT will provide state of the art equipment and facilities for a technologically enriched, comprehensive and challenging educational experience relevant to the needs of the twenty-first century utilizing the highest curricular standards and up to date supplies and materials.