Food Services Resources

Food Prices

  • Meal Charge Procedure


    • K-6   $1.30
    • 7-12  $1.90
    • Extra Milk  $.35


    • K-6   $2.35
    • 7-12  $2.60

Online Payment Information

  • Meal accounts may be paid online using the Student Records Parent Portal. The system uses PayPal which charges a small service fee based on the amount of the deposit. That fee schedule is below. Willard Schools does not receive any portion of the service fee. To pay online please following these instructions.

    Service Fee Chart

    Deposit From:

    • $0.01-$20 and $1 is charged to your account
    • $20.01-$55 and $2 is charged to your account
    • $55.01-$90 and $3 is charged to your account
    • $90.01-$125 and $4 is charged to your account
    • $125.01-$160 $5 is charged to your account
    • $160.01-$195 and $6 is charged to your account
    • There is a $200 maximum deposit. 


  • Food Payments 

    Students are asked to turn their money into the cafeteria cashier in a sealed envelope with their name, homeroom, and dollar amount written on front.

  • Student Charge Limits

    Students Kindergarten through Eighth grades will be allowed to charge breakfast and lunch meals up to $10.00.

    If student lunch accounts reach a negative $10.00 dollar balance, then the student will be offered a “Tiger Meal” which contains a sandwich and milk. Commodity food supplies such as peanut butter, cheese, chicken patty or hamburger will be used for sandwiches which is the same as offered as a third option for student selection.

    Low Balance & Negative Balance Communication

    1. The cashier will verbally remind or give the student a written reminder notice when the student lunch balance is low or has a negative balance.
    2. Once the lunch balance is -$5.00, food service will notify parents by phone, text, e-mail or letter.
    3. If the student charges reach - $10.00, the school will notify parents by phone messaging, text, e-mail, mailed letter, and/or offer a Free and Reduced Lunch Application for completion and approval.
    4. In the event of a student’s lunch account being delinquent by $25.00 or more, the school administrator may take action steps to limit extracurricular activities, participation in group or club activities or events until unpaid balances are paid or arrangements to pay are made with the building principal.

Food Services Contact Information

  • Director of Food Services      
    District Support Services
    Administrative Assistant  Operations  Curriculum Dept  Food Services
    District Office