Instructional Excellence

  • Eligibility

    1. Administrator Approved Performance-Based Teacher Evaluation



    • September: Proposed plans due by September 30th
    • December: Revised plans are due by the last day of first semester. First semester hours and logs are due by the the last day of first semester.
    • January: First semester hours will be paid on January 20th.
    • May: Second semester hours and logs are due by the last day of second semester.
    • June: Second semester hours will be paid on June 20th.


  • Teachers must participate in TWO of the three categories. Buildings will determine specific percentages for the following categories:

    • Student Tutoring (50-70% building total)
    • Enrichment (10-30% building total)
    • Professional Development (10-30% building total)
    • Requests to alter percentages can be submitted for approval to the Assistant Superintendent and the Director of Student Learning.

Budget and Compensation

  • Compensation is in the form of an hourly wage with payments in January and June. Building budgets will be figured per student using September student enrollment numbers.

Examples of Approved Activities

  • Enrichment

    • Student-Centered Clubs
    • Student-Centered Co-Curricular (judging contests, academic teams, etc.)
    • Special Olympics/ Partners in Strength/ Transition Fair
    • Title I Reading Nights/ Family Literacy Nights

    Professional Development

    • Journals, Book Studies – group led; sharing counted, not reading time
    • Workshop presenter
    • Attending conferences
    • Committee work (on non-school hours) SIT Team, RtI, Leadership, PLC or other District Committees
    • District CAP work (non-school hours)
    • Development of online courses
    • SPARK Lessons

    Non-approved Activities

    • Work towards advanced degrees
    • Participation in district-wide PD days (contracted time)
    • Student trips/ chaperone
    • Meet the Teacher/ Orientation/ PT Conferences
    • Movie Nights, Dances, Carnivals
    • Building Social Committees/Events