Instructional Excellence

  • Eligibility

    1. Administrator Approved Performance-Based Teacher Evaluation
    2. Completion of a Mentoring Program for New Teacher





    • September: Proposed plans due by September 30th
    • December: Revised plans are due by the last day of first semester. First semester hours and logs are due by the the last day of first semester. 
    • January: First semester hours will be paid on January 20th.
    • May: Second semester hours and logs are due by the last day of second semester. 
    • June: Second semester hours will be paid on June 20th.
  • Responsibilities

    Teachers must participate in TWO of the three categories. Buildings will determine specific percentages for the following categories:

    • Student Tutoring (50-70% building total)
    • Enrichment (10-30% building total)
    • Professional Development (10-30% building total)
    • Requests to alter percentages can be submitted for approval to the Assistant Superintendent and the Director of Curriculum.


  • Budget and Compensation

    Compensation is in the form of an hourly wage with payments in January and June. Building budgets will be figured per student using September student enrollment numbers.

  • Examples of Approved Activities


    • Student-Centered Clubs
    • Student-Centered Co-Curricular (judging contests, academic teams, etc.)
    • Special Olympics/ Partners in Strength/ Transition Fair
    • Title I Reading Nights/ Family Literacy Nights


    Professional Development

    • Journals, Book Studies – group led; sharing counted, not reading time
    • Workshop presenter
    • Attending conferences
    • Committee work (on non-school hours) SIT Team, RtI, Leadership, PLC or other District Committees
    • District CAP work (non-school hours)
    • Development of online courses


    Non-approved Activities 

    • Work towards advanced degrees
    • Participation in district-wide PD days (contracted time)
    • Student trips/ chaperone
    • Meet the Teacher/ Orientation/ PT Conferences
    • Movie Nights, Dances, Carnivals
    • Building Social Committees/Events