WMS Counseling Center

    Counselors work with students in a variety of settings and situations.  We work with staff to implement lessons and activities that support the academic, career, and social/emotional development of students. Counselors may collaborate on lesson development for classes such as Impact or health, and will also push into classrooms a few times a year. We spend a large majority of our time responding to student's urgent needs, often regarding their emotional and mental health.  We also work with teams to develop academic and behavioral supports for students in the classroom.  We are happy to act as a liaison and aid in communication with teachers and staff. Counselors loop with each class allowing students to have one counselor for the duration of their middle school journey. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help!

    To reach us by phone please call Willard Middle School at 417-742-2588 and ask for the counseling center staff member you are trying to contact. If you need the WMS fax number for records, doctor's notes, forms, etc. it is 417-742-3505.


    Lisa Schanbacher - Counseling Center Secretary



    Lisa is the first smile you see when you walk in the door! She can assist students and families with enrollment, records and scheduling. She is also very helpful to students when they forget a password, locker combination or need to sign up for tutoring. You will often see emails from her regarding counseling activities, grades, forms, etc. She is an essential part of our team and we are so blessed by her!


    Cara Compton - 7th Grade Counselor for 23-24




    Whitley Grant- 8th Grade Counselor for 23-24





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