Middle School FAQs

  • How many students are enrolled at WMS?

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    Currently we have a student body of 727 students! We have 675 students returning to the Willard district and 52 new students to the district.

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  • How do I find out about inclement weather late start or school cancellations?

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    Notifications are sent out via school messenger, so having your updated, correct information in SIS is vitally important. You will receive phone/text/email if there is a late start or school cancellation due to inclement weather. In addition, a posting will be made on the homepage of our website. Click here for more information.

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  • Are there ways for my student to get involved at WMS?

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    Absolutely! We offer a variety of sports, after school clubs, and after school activities to meet a variety of student interests. Stay connected by looking at our student calendar frequently!

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  • Does WMS offer free student tutoring?

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    Yes! WMS student tutoring may be done any day of the week, before or after school. Tutoring is set up directly with your student's teacher(s). Parents will make time and day arrangements with the teacher. There is a late bus that runs on Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:30pm. To see if there is a drop off area near you, click here.

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  • What is NJHS?

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    NJHS stands for National Junior Honor Society. This academic achievement is for 8th graders only at WMS who qualified as a 7th grader. Qualifications include earning all A's and A-'s, and showing good character/behavior during their 7th grade year. Contact Mrs. Jennings at camijennings@willardschools.net for more information.

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Bell Schedules

  • Regular Bell Schedule 

    Period 1: 7:30-8:17
    Period 2: 8:21-9:08
    Period 3: 9:12-9:59
    Period 4: 10:03-10:50
    Period 5: 10:54-12:06
    A lunch: 10:54-11:18
    B lunch: 11:18-11:42
    C lunch: 11:42-12:06
    Period 6: 12:10-12:57
    Period 7: 1:01-1:48
    Period 8: 1:52-2:33

    *On Mondays WMS has early release. Period 8 will be 1:52-2:03 pm on Mondays.

    Late Start Bell Schedule Due to inclement weather the Willard R-2 school district may call for a late start.

    Period 1  9:30-9:57
    Period 2  10:01-10:28
    Period 3  10:32-10:59
    Period 5  11:03-12:15
    A Lunch  11:03-11:23
    B Lunch  11:27- 11:49
    C Lunch  11:53- 12:15
    Period 4  12:19-12:46
    Period 6  12:50-1:17
    Period 7  1:21- 1:48
    *Period 8  1:53-2:33
    *Monday Period 8 will end at 2:03