• Health Protocols

    Willard Schools' Health Protocols

    General Guidelines

    The following health protocols (which may also be known as the Continuity of Services Plan (SRCSP)) will be in place for Willard Public Schools during the 2022-2023 school year, or until normal guidelines can be reinstated. These measures will be updated or changed as new information becomes available. These guidelines will be followed to the extent possible. Given the unique circumstances of each school facility, the guidelines might look different across school sites. Decisions will be made by the Board of Education in coordination with health officials.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to keep students and staff healthy and to provide a safe learning environment to the best of our ability. This will be a synergistic effort among our students, staff, and families.

    Initial Health Protocols

    • School operations will be as normal as possible (face-to-face)
    • Social distancing will be encouraged
    • All students have access to masks should they choose to wear them
    • Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available and frequently encouraged 
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