Volunteering for Willard Public Schools

  • The Willard Public School District understands the important role volunteers play in the education of our students. We value the partnerships we have with parents, community members and business partners. Our students benefit in a variety of ways by working with these non-district staff.

    Providing a safe learning community is always our priority. This means we put safety first as we develop programs and partnerships. The Missouri legislature passed a law requiring background checks for any school volunteer who is periodically left alone with students. Willard’s current practice is to require background checks on all volunteers, but this new law provides clarity as to the type of background check depending on what the volunteer will be doing. 

    Volunteers are classified into two groups; Screened and Non-Screened. Non-Screened are volunteers who do not have access to student records and will not be left alone with students. This group is required to obtain a name based background each year. Screened volunteers are required to obtain an FBI fingerprint (one time only) and fall under the following categories:

    • Regularly assist in the office or library
    • Mentor or tutor students
    • Coach or supervise a school-sponsored activity before or after school
    • Chaperone students on an overnight trip

    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact that building directly. Once it has been determined that your services are needed, you will be sent an application as well as the appropriate background check requirement. Office personnel will contact you once you have been cleared to begin volunteering.

    Please review the Volunteer Policies:

    IICC-AP and IICC

    Thank you for volunteering your time with Willard students, because EVERY volunteer can make a difference!