• Career Ladder 2023-2024

  • The Willard School District is committed to providing a successful educational experience for all students. Educational excellence is dependent largely on the skill, talent, and dedication of educators. Career Ladder is a program designed for teachers to be compensated for activities outside of school hours with the goal of enhancing the educational experience of students by recognizing and rewarding productive, effective educators.

    We had the opportunity to apply for a grant through DESE to assist in funding Career Ladder for the 2023-2024 school year and were approved! Each building has a career ladder chairperson who will be the contact person for teachers. In addition, building and district committees have been formed. Teachers can work with their building committee and principal to determine how they may qualify for Career Ladder. As a reminder, teachers will need to choose either IE or Career Ladder as they are not able to participate in both programs. 


  • Career Ladder FAQs

  • What is the appropriate certification required to participate?

  • Can hours be counted for Career Ladder AND Salary Advancement?

  • When will Career Ladder monies be paid out?

  • Is there a required percentage of time or hours for student contact?

  • Do we need a building level committee to verify hours?