Community Report of Progress

  • Willard Care to Learn began in 2012. Our Care to Learn provides immediate funding to meet the emergent health, hunger, and hygiene needs so every child can be successful in school.

    Health: Providing emergent needs for students by referrals, vouchers, and collaboration with local providers. 

    Hunger: Providing emergent needs for students and families by implementing a backpack program, food pantry, mobile food pantry, vouchers, and home visits. 

    Hygiene: Providing emergent needs for students by distributing hygiene items, vouchers and receiving donations.


    *Everytime Willard Care to Learn helps a student it's called an "impression"

    2012-13: 1,567 impressions

    2013-14: 3,937 impressions

    2014-15: 4,396 impressions

    2015-16: 4,762 impressions

    2016-17: 6,379 impressions

    2017-18: 7,869 impressions

    2018-2019: 11,858 impressions

    2019-2020: 4,378 impressions

    2020-2021: 6,987 impressions

    2021-2022: 10,722 impressions


    These impressions could include: toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, socks, underwear, a backpack, weekend backpack food, laundry detergent, etc.