Ms. Vickie's Supply List

  • 2 boxes 24 count box of crayons
    1 box washable markers (Crayola Classic Colors)
    2 Expo markers (any color)
    1 pack of assorted colored printer paper (not construction paper)
    2 4 packs Play dough
    1 plastic folder (with pockets) for daily notes home (print student’s name on this item)
    2 containers of Clorox wipes
    1 refill package of baby wipes
    Full size backpack
    Child size blanket
    Child size pillow
    Large reusable shopping bag (TJ Maxx has roomy ones) (This will hold your child’s nap
    Snuggle Buddy for Nap Time (no talking or oversized snuggle buddies please)
    1 Change of Clothes (underwear, pants, socks and shirt)(put these in a Ziploc bag with
    child’s name on the bag)(this bag will stay in their backpack for emergencies)

    If possible, please bring a small print of a family picture that can be kept at school.  This will help us build a “School Family” picture wall in our classroom.


    Class Wish List:


    Large size googly eyes

    Small bottles of Acryclic Crafters Paint (any color, we use this medium a lot!)

    Large and small paper plates

    Cotton Balls


    Sticker Sheets (hearts, bugs, stars, sea creatures, jungle, etc. We use these to develop our pincher grasps)

About Ms. Vickie

  • Ms. Vicki's Family

    2018 will mark my 23rd year as a certified teacher and I am very excited that I get to spend it with you!  Throughout my career, I have taught on many levels, including college, high school, elementary, and preschool!  This is my fifth year at Tiger Cubs Preschool. I am a graduate of Missouri State University and my entire teaching career has been focused around teaching students why what they learn is important in the world around them.  This year will be filled with exciting exploration, hands-on activities, and learning through experiences.

    I am excited to announce that this year Tiger Cubs Preschool will be implementing the Conscious Discipline method of connection with our students.  We will spend the first 6 weeks of school working to build a “school family” that relies on self-regulation, building trust, understanding and forgiveness.  We spent over 48 hours this summer in intensive training to prepare our classrooms and revising our teaching methods to implement this exciting and worthwhile behavior program.  If you would like more information, a simple Google or Pinterest search will show you the difference in how we will be approaching discipline and classroom expectations.

    When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband of 24 years and my two children who will be a freshman at Missouri State and 6th grade at Willard.  My family loves to boat, camp and spend time outdoors.

    I absolutely love working with young learners!  The world is wide-open for them and I know we are going to have a fantastic, fun-filled year!