Regional and State Scholarships

  • Listed below is information on some of the more popular state and regional scholarships. While there may be a few national scholarships also listed, the majority of them may be found by looking on FastWeb or SallieMae. The scholarships listed on this page are not offered through Willard High School.  Applicants should click on the link for each scholarship and follow the corresponding directions. Please also check websites for specific deadlines. 
    Community Foundation of the Ozarks: You will need to select 'Scholarships' and then type "Willard" in the search box at the top for Willard specific scholarships.  Type "public" in the search box to view all available scholarships.  
    Missouri Dept. of Higher Education:  A number of state sponsored scholarship programs are offered through the MDHE website including A+, Bright Flight, ACCESS Missouri, Minority, and other scholarships/grants. 
    Academy of Hair Design: Offers six $1000 and two $2500 scholarships. Deadline is typically mid March.
    Access Extra Scholarship:  $2,000 per year, renewable up to 4 years (pays after A+ for A+ students).  For students wil enroll full time at a 2 year or 4 year participating school Click here to see list of participating schools.  Students must also have an EFC of 12,000 or less and have scored a 27 or higher on the ACT.  Deadline:  June 30th. 
    Air Force ROTC Scholarship: Scholarship program for students interested in joining the Air Force and getting a college education. Deadline is typically Dec 1st.
    Amco Ranger Scholarship:  $1,000 scholarship for students who have acted on a service opportunity in their community.  Scholarship deadline is May.  
    American Fire Sprinkler Scholarship Program:  Ten $2000 scholarships available to high school seniors.  Deadline is typically late March/early April. 
    American Legion Scholarships:  There are a number of scholarships available under this category for students who are descendants of a veteran.  Specifics on scholarships, including deadlines, additional criteria, and award amounts may be found by visiting the website. Although deadlines vary the typical deadline is mid April. Your counselor may have additional information.
    Arch City Granite Scholarship: $1000 Scholarship for students in Missouri or Illinois
    Army ROTC Scholarship:  Requirements:  Have a high school diploma, at least a 19 on the ACT, meet physical standards, and agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component. Scholarship includes full tuition for 4 years, book stipend and monthly living stipend.  
    Association of Government Accountants Scholarship:  Available to students planning on majoring in an Accounting or Business Management related field. (Deadline typically March)  See your counselor for local scholarship forms.
    Ava's Grace Scholarship Foundation: Provides children of the incarcerated in the state of Missouri a chance to better themselves through education. 
    Bishop and Hayes: 10 - $3,000 scholarships available.
    Breakthrough Junior Challenge  This is an annual global competition for students to inspire creative thinking about science. Students ages 13 to 18 from countries across the globe are invited to create and submit original videos (5 minutes in length maximum) that bring to life a concept or theory in the life sciences, physics or mathematics. The submissions are judged on the student’s ability to communicate complex scientific ideas in engaging, illuminating, and imaginative ways. The winner will earn a $250,000 scholarship.
    Bright Flight Scholarships: This scholarship is available to students who typically test in the top 5% of all ACT or SAT scores in the nation.  Amounts vary yearly depending on the Missouri state budget.  
    Buick Achievers Scholarship: For students who plan to major in a field of study that focuses on engineering, technology, design or business, with an interest in the automotive industry.  Deadline is typically late February.
    Citizens Health Care Medical Excellence Scholarship:  Students planning on a career in a health care field are encouraged to apply.  Students who are awarded this scholarship must agree to work in a CMH facility for a time period following graduation.  Applications are typically due in February. 
    Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarship: CFMO offers 5 $1000 scholarships to high school seniors or undergraduates in different natural resources areas.  Preference will be given to those demonstrating financial need.  Applications are usually due by December 31. 
    Courage Scholarship:  Scholarships range from $500-$2,000.  Applications are comprehensively evaluated on a variety of metrics, including academic achievement, school involvement, community engagement, diversity, demonstration of courage and commitment to enhancing the lives of LGBTQ individuals and working toward social justice.  Deadline is March 1st.  
    Craft Scholarships--Evergy:  A minimum of 9 Craft scholarships are available for MO and Kansas high school graduates wishing to pursue any of the following careers:  lineman, electric power & distribution, power plant technology, wind/renewable energy, industrial technology, or other industry related fields.  Scholarships are $3,000 and renewable for an additional year.  Scholarship deadline is March 1st. 
    Crowder College Business Scholarship:  $500 renewable scholarship for incoming freshmen majoring in Business at Crowder College.  Deadline is March 1st, and winners will be announced by April 1st.  

    DAR Scholarship Program:  The Daughters of the American Revolution offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to students. Applications can be accessed in the counselor's office.

    DECA Member Students:  Students that are in the Willard DECA club will want to check out this website for various scholarships from major corporations.  (January deadlines)
    Dr. Darrell "Jack" Holley/MUSIC scholarship:  Six $2000 nonrenewable scholarships will be awarded to students who graduate in 2018 from MUSIC (Missouri United School Insurance Council) member districts. (Willard is a member district.)  A high degree of leadership, high scholastic achievement, community service and school activities is expected.  WHS can nominate one student.  Ask your counselor if information from MUSIC has been received before January 1st.
    Ed Pinegar Scholarship: Available to MSU Agriculture majors after graduating from Willard High School. Considered based on high school academic performance and leadership. Directions to the scholarship are to use your MSU login, profile tab, find the Financial Aid Channel, select General and Department Scholarship Application Link. Deadline is May 1st (recommended by March 1).
    Ed Stegner Natural Resource Scholarship:  This scholarship was established to provide major financial aid to encourage and assist students in five areas of natural resource management: fisheries, forestry, wildlife, parks and recreation and soil and water conservation.  Click on the link below for more information.   Deadline to apply is typically December 31.
    Educational Community Credit Union: ECCU will award 2 $1000 scholarships to high school seniors.  Applicants must have their own ECCU account and plan to attend college in the fall following their senior year.  Contact your Credit Union for the application.  Deadline is March 6th.
    El Dabe Ritter Scholarship:  $1,500 scholarship for students with at least a 3.0 GPA attending any accredited university next year.  Essay required on why having a higher education is important.  Deadline to apply is June 30th.  
    Ellis Foundation Scholarship & Mentoring Program:  This is a scholarship and mentorship program for seniors entering college in the fall.  It is based on academic ability, drive, and determination to better your life.  They also look at sutdents who have financial need or exceptional circumstances, who would benefit from their proven mentoring program.  Students must have a minimum ACT of 20 and minimum GPA of 3.0 and be pursuing a career in one of the following fields:  Engineering, computer science, accounting/finance/human resources, lineman/electrical distribution, diesel mechanic, electrical technology, nuclear power plant, solar/wind technology, culinary, or agriculture.  Students must also be attending any participating college (List of participating colleges).  If you are interested in this, please see your counselor for more information.  
    Elks Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship:  Any high school senior is eligible and 500 scholarships are awarded nationwide.  Deadline is November 4th. Applications and local office information are all on their website.  Student Applications will be assigned to the nearest location according to the zip code entered on the application.
    Epsilon Sigma Alpha: Multiple scholarships are available for residence in the state of Missouri. There are different requirements for each scholarship. Applications must be sent no later than February 1. You may apply to up to three scholarships.  Included in this set of scholarships are general ones that most seniors would qualify for and then some very specific scholarships, such as for architecture, teaching, cancer survivor.
    Flavorful Futures Scholarship:  $5,000 scholarships awarded to graduating seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA.  Students must be US citizens.  Eligibility is evaluated based on academic achievement and the creativity of your application, which should showcase what makes you who you are and how you want to contribute your gifts through education.  Deadline:  February.
    Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) -- Americanism Essay Contest. You will write an essay to promote the spirit of Americanism and patriotism among our country's youth. Visit the website and select the Americanism Essay Contest from the Events tab. Deadline is typically December 1.
    FFA : Multiple scholarships are sponsored through this site by businesses and individuals through the National FFA Foundation. (February 15th)

    Frank O. Walstrand Memorial Scholarship: $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a senior who is a member of the CU Community Credit Union. Deadline is typically in March.

    The Gates Scholarship:  These scholarships are awarded to 300 top student leaders each year.  It is for Pell-eligible, minority, high school seniors.  
    GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program - Leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship are the characteristics demonstrated by students who earn this scholarship.  More information can be found on the website. Deadline is typically early January. 

    Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice $750 Scholarship Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. The application deadline is May. Only online applications will be accepted.

    Heisman High School Scholarship:  Applicants need to have a GPA of a 3.0 or better, be proven leaders and role models within their school and community and perform in at least one school sponsored sport.  Winners receive between $500-$5,000.  Application deadline is October.  
    Horatio Alger Scholarship:  Scholarships range from $10,000-$25,000 and are awarded to stduents who demonstrate critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income), who are involved in co-curricular and community service activities, display integrity and perserverance in overcoming adversity, and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.  Deadline to apply is October 25th.  
    HyVee Scholarship: 80 $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to students who write an essay describing a time when Hy-Vee made a difference in your life and/or the life of a customer.  Resume, reference, and transcript also required.  Deadline is February.
    Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship:  Minority students graduating in 2020 are eligible for this scholarship if they have shown leadership potential, dedication to community service, evidence of financial need, and have a minimum ACT score of 21.  Deadline is February 1st.  
    James L and Nellie M Westlake Scholarship:  Offers scholarships to high school seniors in Missouri planning to attend a 4-year university with financial need and cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Deadline is typically February 1st.

    Janice M. Scott Memorial SCholarship: This scholarship is offered to students nationwide in memory of Janice M. Scott, who perished during the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  Based on financial need, leadership, and an essay among other criteria. Deadline is typically March.

    JCI Senate Foundation and Missouri JCI Senate Scholarship: $1,000 for a graduating high school senior who plan to continue their education at a college, university or vocational school Missouri will give two $250 scholarships.
    John T Belcher Memorial Scholarship:  The Missouri School Board Association is offering one $1000 regional scholarship and one $1500 scholarship to the state winner.  Each district may select one student to compete for the scholarship.  Forms may be picked up in the counseling center and turned back in no later than November 15 to give the school board significant time to select a candidate.  An essay is required. Available after Oct 15th.
    Junior Chamber International Scholarships:  The Missouri Junior Chamber International Senate is offering at least two $250 scholarships with the possibility of an additional $1000 scholarship.  Winners will be selected based on academics and leadership aptitude. The application deadline is typically mid December.
    Junior League of Springfield Scholarship in Honor of Mary Riley Wolfe:  The Junior League of Springfield anticipates giving two $2,000 scholarships to two young women in our community.  Eligibility:  female, US citizen or permanent resident, resident of Springfield or surrounding communities, attending secondary school full time, graduating in May 2020, planning to pursue a degree at an accredited post-secondary institution, minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5.  Immediate family members of the Junior League of Springfield including employees, are not eligible to receive a League Scholarship.  Deadline to submit all materials (email, hand deliver, or mail) is March.  
    Kids Chance Scholarship Program:  For students who have a parent who has been seriously injured or lost in a worker's comp related accident.   Application deadline is typically April.
    Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship--Mizzou:  Applicants must be a high school male student, and must have been a full time student in the 19-20 school year planning to attend the University of MIssouri-Columbia in teh fall.  Hard copies of applications must be submitted by July 20th.  
    MARE Rural Education Scholarship:  The Missouri Association of Rural Education offers  high school seniors who plan to pursue a degree in education scholarships.  Districts must be a member of MARE (Willard is a member).  Information and the application are found on the website and the deadline is March 8th.  
    Mary Riley Wolfe Memorial Scholarship:  Two scholarships totaling $2000 each.  Deadline for submission is usually March.  
    Mediacom Communications World Class Scholarship Program:  Offers $1000 non renewable scholarships to senior high school students in areas of 15 states where it conducts business in its North Central Division through its World Class Scholarship Program. The application deadline is typically the first part of February.
    Mensa Foundation through the Missouri Ozarks chapter:  Students need not be a member of Mensa to qualify, but must be a resident of the area of a participating local group of Mensa.  Students will write an essay of fewer than 550 words describing their goals.  Deadline is typically January 15.
    MFA Foundation Scholarship:  One area student will receive this $2000 scholarship.  Student must plan to complete a 4 year degree program.  Scholarship forms available in the counseling center in the spring. 
    Midwest Technical Institute Scholarship:  Scholarships ranging from $2,000 to full tuition are given to students wo complete the application, which includes submitting a 5 minute video detailing the applicant's interest in the Mechanical Trade or Allied Health fields as well as their interest in Midwest Technical Institute.  Deadline for application is March.
    Mike Rowe Work Ethic Scholarship:  This scholarship will open in 2020 and is intended for students who enroll in an approved program (automotive, carpentry, fires cience, HVAC, pipefitting, electrical, aviation, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.).  Requirements include a pledge, an essay, reference letters, a short video, verifying costs, and financial information.  
    Miller Engineering Scholarship- Interested in Engineering? Information regarding this scholarship and an online application is now available. The scholarship gives students field experience, which we find many new engineers in our field do not have. Our scholarship also offers wages for the summer internships they receive as part of our scholarship. 
    Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies: Eight $1000 scholarships will be awarded, one per district in the state of Missouri.  Students must submit an application covering family financial need, extracurricular and work activities, and a 75 word essay.  Deadline is typically March 1. 
    Missouri Dairy Scholars Scholarship: Minimum 2.5 GPA, Enrolled full-time at a two or four year college or university, must work on a dairy farm or have a dairy-related internship for at least three months for each year the student receives the scholarship, must commit to work in the Agricultural Industry in Missouri for at least two years for every one year the student receives the scholarship. Deadline: November. 
    Missouri's Cattlemen Foundation Scholarship: Deadline is typically October.
    Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship:  Available for seniors planning to major in a banking related field. Find the MBF Application here. A second scholarship is available with the EVERFIapplication. Deadline is typically March. 
    Missouri College of Cosmetology:  One $1000 scholarship will be awarded to fall graduates and one $1000 scholarship will be awarded to spring graduates. Contact the Missouri College of Cosmetology at 887-1501. Deadline is usually April.
    Eight $1000 Missouri Community Service Commission (MCSC) scholarships are available to 9-12th grade student-volunteers through the High School Student-Volunteer Community Service Scholarship Awards initiative.  All materials are typically due on or before March 1st.
    Missouri Corn Growers Association:  Students must live on a farm or in a rural area, planning to attend a Missouri college and major in agronomy or an agriculture related field.  You may obtain more information by going tothe website and clicking on the "Education" link.
    Missouri Courage Scholarship:  Last year the Missouri Courage Scholarship (MCS) awarded more than $10,000 to students from across the state who demonstrated their courage and commitment to LGBTQ+ people in their schools and communities. The deadline is March 31.
    Missouri Gaming Association: Students can enter posters, articles, or film that warns against underage gambling.
    Missouri Insurance Education Foundation Scholarship:  Available to students pursuing an insurance, risk management, or actuarial science course of study.  Four $1500 scholarships available. Deadline is typically March.
    Missouri Pork Association's Youth Pork Ambassador Program:  One $1000 scholarship will be given to a student who is involved in the pork industry or has a parent involved in the industry. Deadline is typically mid December.
    MO Society of Professional Engineers:  Three $3000 scholarships awarded to students entering the engineering field.  Visit the Community Foundations of the Ozarks website for more information (referenced above).  Deadline is typically the end of February.
    Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture scholarship: For Missouri high school seniors. Applications should be submitted to the Missouri State Fair. One $2,500 supreme scholarship, thirty $1,000 scholarships, and seven $1,000 scholarships are being offered.
    Missouri Women's Golf Association Scholarship:  Available to girls who have played women's golf in high school. Applications must be postmarked by March.
    MSLF Access Extra Scholarship: This is a private scholarship for current high school seniors who are eligible for the Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program and who have a 28 or higher on the ACT. The student must be attending a 4-year Access-eligible school. The award amounts will be $2000 ($1000 for each semester) beginning for the 2018-2019 school year. Eligible students will apply at, complete a common application, and upload a SAR and ACT report.
    NAACP Youth Scholarships:  3 separate NAACP scholarships are available with one application.  Eligibility requirements are that you must be a graduating senior, student of color, planning to attend college.  One of the scholarships is specifically for students pursuing a health related degree, the other two are for students pursuing any degree at an established college, university or vocational school.  Essay and recommendation letters required.  Deadline:  March 30th.  
    National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship:  The Scott/St. Louis Chapter of the NDTA intends to award a minimum of 2 scholarships of $3,000 each and 4 scholarships of $2,000 each for students enrolled in a four year university. An additional award of $1,500 is set aside for a student enrolled in a 2 year associate degree/trade certification program.  Eligibility criteria:  must be enrolled as afull time student in Missouri.  ANY students can apply, but preference is given to students pursuing transportation, business, logistics degrees. Recommendation letters, transcripts, and an essay explaining how your chosen field of study will contribute to the field of business, transportation, supply, distribution and logistics.  Deadline:  Applications must be postmarked NO LATER THAN March 1st. 
    National Farmers Scholarship:  Available to students planning on majoring in an agriculture related field. 

    National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Applicants for the scholarship must be members of the NWTF and are judged on their scholastic achievements, leadership abilities, community involvement and commitment to conservation and the preservation of our hunting heritage.  The application deadline is typically January 1. For more information on the scholarship program, contact the scholarship coordinator at the Wild Turkey Center by calling (800) THE-NWTF or emailing

    National Wildlife Federation:  Students may apply for scholarships of various amounts. Deadlines are typically January 1st.
    OppU Achievers Scholarship$2,500 for current or future education costs given four times a year for seniors who have at least a 3.0 GPA and have demonstrated outstanding achievement.  Essay required which asks HOW you are an achiever or have created opportunity for yourself.  
    Ozark Electric Cooperative Inc. ScholarshipOzark Electric Cooperative Inc. has established 20 nonrenewable $500 scholarships to be awarded to high school seniors who plan to attend college or trade school.  Eligibility:  current graduating senior attending a public or private high school within Ozark Electric Cooperative's nine county service area (includes Greene county), student does NOT have to be a member of Ozark Electric Cooperative to be eligible.  Student must have a 2.5 GPA or higher, and application must be completed in full and returned to your HS counselor by March 13.  More information here
    Ozark Scandinavian Society: $500 to the best 500 words or less essay about student's Scandinavian Heritage or a research type essay about the Scandinavian Influence in Southwest Missouri. Deadline is usually March. Email your essay to
    OTC A+ Advantage ScholarshipOTC is awarding 100 new scholarships to eligible A+ students!  This scholarship will help cover the cost of books or misc. fees not covered by the A+ scholarship ($500 for the year, divided by fall/spring).  You are required to write an essay sharing what the A+ scholarship means to you.    
    OTC Foundation ScholarshipsApply for 80 scholarships with ONE application!  Students can view scholarships and criteria at this link, but to apply, you have to have been admitted to OTC and completed the FAFSA.  Application period for fall enrollment is March 1-June 1.  
    OTC Foundation - Paragon Fund ScholarshipRenews from Fall to Spring semesters. Award total dependent upon fund availability. Priority given to graduates of Willard High School. Applicant must have an OTC GPA of 2.5 or above and be enrolled in the Drafting and Design Technology program. 

    Patriot Guard Riders Scholarship: (1)   A son or daughter of one who has given their life in the line of duty, including both military and first responder (police/fire). (2)   A son or daughter of an honorably discharged veteran who has passed after their term of service. (3)   A son or daughter of a veteran or first responder disabled in the line of duty to the extent that providing an advanced education cannot be easily realized. Application Deadline: April. Questions may be addressed to: Robert L. Meeks, Chair, Patriot Guard Riders Scholarship Committee, (or see your counselor for more information). 
    Show-Me Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society Scholarship:  The Show-Me Chapter offers a $2000 scholarship for a high school senior, or undergraduate, planning to major in conservation or a natural resources-related field.  This is an essay contest.  Applications must be postmarked by November 30th.
    Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarship:  $1500 - Additionally, an Award of Excellence- $2,500 renewable scholarship will be given to the top candidate. Deadline is usually February.

    Soroptimist International of Springfield, MO Violet Richardson Scholarship.  This scholarship recognizes young women between the ages of 14-17 who volunteers in activities especially those benefiting women and girls.  Amounts ranges from $250-$1000.  Email for an application.  Deadline is usually December 1.

    Soroptimist Scholarship: $1500 will be awarded to a deserving young person based on financial need and educational goals.  Application must be postmarked by April 30th.

    Spirit of Community Award: the National Association of Secondary School Principals awards State finalists with a $1000 scholarship while National Finalists will receive $5000. Please visit the site for application process and information. Deadline to apply is November, 10 2020. 

    Springfield Area Legal Support Professionals Scholarship:  $500 scholarship to be awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement, leadership ability and need.  Applicants must be a high school senior, have the equivalent of a "B" grade average or higher, and be in need of financial assistance.  The schoalrship award may be granted to any qualified applicant; however, special consideration will be given to those with a career path of a legal nature.  Application deadline is March 31st.  

    Springfield Elks Lodge No. 409 Teenager of the Semester Scholarship:  Sixteen area seniors will be recognized. Students chosen MUST attend the Youth Activities Banquet on Monday, May 4th to receive the scholarship.  Applications are available in the counseling office and need to be mailed (deadline to be received is March 20th).  
    Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame:  This award represents the founding father of the SASHOF Board of Directors, Bonus Frost and his passion for helping youth in the community while recognizing the accomplishments of the elite in sports. To be eligible, students must be a senior intending on attending college, a US citizen, complete the application and essay, and submit by the due date (February 1st).  Application can be mailed or emailed (information included on application).  
    Steeler Seaburn Memorial Wrestling Scholarship:  This fund will award scholarship money to Southwest Missouri area wrestlers who plan to continue their education while continuing their wrestling career in college. Application must be submitted by December 10 of each year. 
    United Energy Workers: This $1000 scholarship is available to any High School Senior. The scholarship will be judged on  merit and need.  Academic avhievements as well as any leadership experiences will be taken into account. Deadline: July 

    Whitetails Unlimited:  Students must write an essay about their interest in the outdoors; hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, etc.  Deadline for submission is typically April 1. Must have a 3.0 GPA to apply. Send essay and transcript to Eldon Skinner PO Box 47 Purdy, MO 65734. Students are also encouraged to attend the annual banquet in January 2021.