Dual Enrollment

  • Willard High School has agreements in place with Drury, OTC and MSU for qualifying juniors and seniors who have a 3.0 grade point average or better to earn college credit through a dual enrollment program. The participating college determines dual enrollment fees for the year.

    Below you will find a listing of dual enrollment courses offered at WHS through Drury, OTC and MSU as well as tips on the dual enrollment process. We have also listed contact information for OTC and MSU dual enrollment programs should you have any specific questions.

    See the Student Planning Guide booklet pages 4 and 5 for additional information, including cost of tuition and how each course is titled through the college. Specific requirements for each course such as ACT or PLAN scores are given in the Student Planning Guide as well. Payment will be made at the beginning of the semester the student is enrolled in the class. Teachers will provide interested students a packet of information with additional instructions within the first few days of the semester.

Courses Offered

  • OTC: Composition I & II, Geology, Government and Politics, College Computer Applications, Drawing, Painting, Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Biology, and Calculus

    • For questions about dual enrollment courses offered through OTC including billing information and course fees, please visit OTC Dual Credit Programs webpage or call Piper Wilson, Dual Credit Coordinator at 447-8198.

    Missouri State: College Algebra (Sem), Trigonometry(Sem), Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Greenhouse, Ag. Construction, Thespians (5th hour)

    • For questions about dual enrollment courses offered through MSU including billing information and course fees, please contact 836-6246. Please note that student billing information can only be accessed through a student account given to each student by the university. Willard High School does not have access to any billing information.

    Drury: Public Speaking, Contemporary Issues in World History, English IV and English IV honors, Advanced Debate, American History Through Music

    • Drury: If you have questions you may contact the Coordinator of Drury's Dual Credit program Jane Lindsay by email  or by calling 830-9533


  • It is always a good idea to contact any college or university you are considering on attending after high school to see if they will accept the dual enrollment course as a transfer credit before you pay money to take it.  Many universities have websites you can go to that provide specific information about which transfer credits are accepted. The Missouri Department of Higher Education provides a Course Transfer Tracker for students to use to see how courses will transfer between Missouri colleges and universities. You can view this tracker by following this link

    Students should be cautious about dual enrolling in a class that is related to their intended college major.  For example, an individual who plans on majoring in a science related field in college may want to refrain from dual enrolling in a science class in high school.

    The grade and corresponding GPA you receive for a dual credit course will be placed on your permanent college transcript, so only take a course for dual credit if you are confident you will do well in the course.