Miss Kim's Supply List

  • I box crayons

    1 box washable markers

    1 watercolor paint

    2 glue sticks

    1 pack pencils

    1 70-page notebook

    Left-handed scissors, if needed

    1 box Kleenex

    2 pack Clorox Wipes

    2 pack wet wipes

    1 child-size pillow and blanket, with sleep buddy

    Canvas reusable bag for storing bedding

    Extra set of clothes, to stay in backpack

    Backpack for daily use, large enough for folder and clothes, etc.

    Heavy Duty plastic folder with pockets (no prongs) for daily use

    2 wallet size photos of your child, or ones I can trim to wallet size

    Class Wish List:

    Washable ink pads

    Finger paint and paper

    Colored print paper



About Miss Kim

  • Miss Kim  

    This year will mark my eleventh year of teaching preschool. Wow! I am very excited to be part of Willard Schools and to be your child’s teacher.

    I have my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Missouri State University. All of my professional teaching has been done in a preschool classroom. I have a lot of experience with young learners, and they are my favorite. I enjoy developing their love of learning and sense of self. I enjoy the relationships, the creativity and growth you see happening. So rewarding!

    I am married to my best friend Sean and we have an array of cats as well as one spoiled dog, a Doberman named Thor. My husband and I love to travel whenever we can to sunny places. I love to cook, read nonfiction and write poetry.

    My goal for this year is to create a classroom where your child thrives, one where they are learning a great deal while having fun and developing important skills. I know it will be an amazing year!