Yearbook Information
    • Order your 2021 yearbook today at the lowest price of the year!

      • Base price is $55. 
      • Add Enhanced Personalization (name, monogram, or crest / +$6.25) and you get to select up to four free icons now through October 9!
      • Visit to order online today!


    • Order your 2021 Senior Ad today! 
      • Create an ad for your senior in the 2021 yearbook with baby, senior, or other photos and a special message from you. 
      • Cost: $40 for a 1/8 page ad, $80 for a 1/4 page ad, $160 for a 1/2 page ad, and $320 for a full-page ad. 
      • Photo/word limits: 1 photo and 25 words for a 1/8 page ad, 2 photos and 50 words for a 1/4 page ad, 4 photos and 100 words for a 1/2 page ad, and 8 photos and 200 words for a full-page ad. 
      • To order: Please order and submit payment online at this link. Once ordered, please email your photos and words. Please make sure to adhere to the photo and word limits listed above so that we can fit everything in when we design.
      • Deadline: FRIDAY, DEC. 4.




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