• Elective Class Descriptions: 2021-2022

    Acting I:   Looking for a class that gets you up and moving?  Or maybe you already know you have a passion for performing in front of other people?  Well, in addition to learning about characterization, improvisation, voice projection and much, much, more, you will learn how to control your nerves and perform on stage! Teacher: Amanda Graves

    Acting II:  This is an advanced course for 8th grade actors that have completed Acting 1 and want more performance experience.  Scenes of various styles will be performed to deepen their understanding of theatre.  They will explore the audition process and perform for multiple audiences with an emphasis in storytelling and children’s theatre. Teacher: Amanda Graves Prerequisite:  Acting I with a C- or better.  

    Agricultural Exploration:  Students will be introduced to a wide variety of agriculture areas including animal science, plant science, agriculture products, floral design, entomology, careers and leadership.  Students will develop a better understanding of the importance of agriculture and its impact on the world and whether the vast variety of careers in this field interests them. Teacher: Dana Kimmons      

    Agriculture Pre-Animal Science8th grade only   Students will explore the various livestock entities (beef, dairy, swine, poultry, and sheep) and production within animal agriculture.  Students will learn about the various breeds and purposes of livestock, as well as how to manage and care for various animals. Teacher: Dana Kimmons Prerequisite:  Agriculture Expo with a C- or better.  

    Agriculture Pre-Plant Science:  8th grade only   Students will explore the areas of plant science and floral design.  Students will enjoy plant propagation by seed, cuttings and division while working in the greenhouse.  Students will also work with cut flowers to create floral bouquets/arrangements. Teacher: Dana Kimmons Prerequisite: Agriculture Expo with a C- or better.   

    Art I:  In this class, you will create both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media and computer-generated art.  The color wheel and a wide variety of art techniques will be explored. Teacher: Chloe Andrews

    Art II:  This class is for students that want to increase their art skills with projects of increased difficulty.  Students considering this class should be self-motivated, and strive to create art with excellent artisanship.  We will explore a wide variety of techniques and media. Teacher: Chloe Andrews Prerequisite:  Must have a C- or better in Art I

    Automation and Robotics:  Come utilize your design skills to learn how to build and program your own robot.  You will have the opportunity to create your own uniquely designed robot, build it, and develop a computer program to run it. Teacher: Betty Teel Prerequisite:  C- or better in STEM.

    Band:  Instrumental performance ensemble which is a continuation from 6th/7th grade. Focus is on advanced music techniques, pedagogy, and performance concepts designed to assist students as they prepare for high school band.  Band offers many performance opportunities for its members which include concerts each semester and a contest performance trip to Worlds of Fun for both 7th and 8th grade members.   This elective is both semesters.      

    Choir 1:  Do you like to sing? Do you want to have more confidence in your voice? In Choir 1, students will learn the basics of music reading, build proper singing technique, and learn choral music. We sing all varieties of music including songs in foreign languages, pop songs, holiday music, and more. Choir 1 will have the opportunity to perform 2 evening concerts and other events throughout the year at school and in the community. Look what's ahead in Choir 2! Participation and attendance is required. A choir elective agreement form will be signed at the beginning of the course. Teacher: Renee Schwab This elective is both semesters. 

    Choir 2: 8th grade only Have you had previous singing or band experience? We want YOU. This course is offered to 8th graders who have had choir, band, musical theatre, or an outside musical experience their 7th grade year. In this course, you will learn to expand your voice even more by singing selections in foreign languages, holiday music, pop songs, and more. Choir 2 will have the opportunity to perform 2 evening concerts as well as participate in a choral festival followed by a trip to Silver Dollar City in May. A choir elective agreement form will be signed at the beginning of the course. Teacher: Renee Schwab This elective is both semesters.

    Computer Science for Innovators and Makers:  Have you ever wondered how code can be used in wearable tech, art exhibits or mechanical devices?  Students will learn about programming for the physical world by blending hardware design and software development.  Using micro-controllers with inputs and outputs, you will develop code that brings your physical design to life.  It’s time to become an innovator and maker using physical computing! Teacher: Kristina Loveland

    Design & Modeling STEM:  Apply the engineering design process while learning how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math work together. You will design, prototype, and use industry software to solve a variety of design challenges in a hands-on, collaborative environment. Teacher: Betty Teel

    Family and Consumer Science (FACS) I:   This class is designed to explore basic life skills by introducing topics in clothing, childcare, personal development and food preparation. Teacher: Beth Robinson  Students are responsible to provide $5 to cover supplies.  

    Family and Consumer Science (FACS) II: 8th grade only This class is designed to apply life skills taught in FACS I.  Topics include clothing, housing, consumer and career development and foods.  Students are responsible to provide $5 to cover supplies. Teacher: Beth Robinson  Prerequisite:  FACS I with a C- or better.

    Industrial Arts I:  Students will explore industrial arts concepts related to measurement, drafting, architecture, woodworking and other meaningful lifelong sills. Teacher: Cody Greenhaw Shop fee of $10.00

    Industrial Arts II:  8th Grade Only.  Students will explore engineering and design principles, be a part of an operational assembly line, learn construction skills, and use advanced woodworking techniques.  This is an advanced course for 8th grade students who have completed Industrial Arts I. Teacher: Cody Greenhaw Shop fee of $25.00 Prerequisite:  C- or better in Industrial Arts I

    Intro to Speech & Debate:  This class will help develop self-confidence in your speaking, argumentation, and acting skills!  Debate will help you learn to organize your thoughts when presenting an argument.   You will learn the foundations of Public Forum Debate. Speech will help you develop your acting and reading skills. You will learn how to make silly voices to make people laugh in Humorous Interpretation or tell a sad story to make people cry in Dramatic Interpretation.  You can perform poetry, improv duets, and storytelling. Teacher: Kathy Tobin

    Lifetime Sports:  8th grade only. This class will give students knowledge about Hunter Safety and First Aid.  Students will participate in several indoor and outdoor games, including archery, badminton and a fun game called pickle ball. Teacher: Jennifer Smith  

    Music Appreciation:  Are you interested in music but don't like to sign or perform? This class will be perfect for you. In music appreciation we will learn about music from other cultures and history through different projects, write our own songs, learn to bucket drum, and learn a few instruments along the way. Teacher: Renee Schwab

    Technical Theatre:  All creative and hard-working students that want to help behind the scenes of a show are invited to join this highly collaborative team.  Technical theatre encompasses all that goes into making a staged production.   This class will be responsible for the concept design and execution of the technical aspects of each production including scenery, set construction, lighting, sound, properties, costumes, and promotions. Actors and non-actors welcome. Teacher: Amanda Graves

    Tiger Media – Graphic Design and Video Production:  Students will be collaborating with one another to create and develop visual concepts using computer software (e.g. Canva, wevideo, befunky, etc). Students will communicate ideas to inspire, inform, and captivate others through both physical and virtual art forms that include images, words, graphics and video production.  Some projects include creating an infomercial for a product/service, magazine cover design, and website design. Teacher: Kristina Loveland

    “Paws in Time” Yearbook:  In this class, students will produce the school yearbook.  This class focuses heavily on graphic design, photography, caption writing, and collaborative work.  Students must be able to stay after school for events, activities, and sports.  Students who apply need strong leadership skills are self-motivated and very responsible. Teacher: Kristina Loveland Students must fill out and submit an application to be considered for this leadership class.  Applications are available in the Counseling Center.  This elective is both semesters. Click here to download an application.

    Weights:  Students will learn the basic physiological principles related to the components of physical fitness including body compsition, cardio-respiratory functioning, joint flexibility, muscular strength and endurance and the application of fitness principles in one's lifestyle. Teacher: Justin Wisdom