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  • Secret to Success!!!
    If you ask people that you believe have attained a level of success what is their secret you will probably get many different answers.  I have my own theory as to this secret.  (I am attempting to share in a humble fashion and not as "success expert"!)  I believe if you want success in leadership you must surround yourself with great people!!!  Key individuals in this group are administrative assistants.  These talented individuals can make a common leader into a good leader, and a good leader into a great leader.  In the best of scenarios they fill in the gaps in the leaders trail.  They hold them accountable for deadlines, schedules, reminders, etc....  If you have a great one they will become perceptive to the leaders expectations, communication, and habits.  They can begin to "think" and "predict" the leaders thoughts and actions even before they ask.  I have several administrative assistants and they are INCREDIBLE leaders in their own right.  Sometimes I actually wonder "Who is really in charge??". The truth is that they are incredibly loyal and trustworthy and while they would laugh at the previous question they would never take advantage or intentionally overstep their position.  Mine are so skillful that they have become advisers, collaborators, and one actually serves as my conscience at work.  I would like to publicly thank Lisa Blankenship, Tammy Conner, Kathie Lea, Amanda McGee, Cindy Twitchel, Shelly Vaughn, Jolene Welsh, Whitney Burrell and Sharon Petty.  Each of them have different jobs and levels of responsibility, however all of them help me to succeed each and every day.  I am in their debt!!!!

    Willard W   Happy Administrative Assistants Week!


      Have a great weekend!
      Dr. Kent Medlin
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