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Last Thursday night Debra Wekesa, Willard High School Junior, shared the poem below that she had written with the Board of Education.  I don't share it because I agree with everything it says or because it represents the specific values of everyone in the Willard community.  I share it because I am proud that this young lady has passion about her beliefs.  It is so important for kids to have passion.  I don't care if the passion is for basketball, band, speech, Ag, music, or even ping pong.  Find something passionate to believe in!  I went to visit Debra this morning and asked her if her poem was a dream or a possible reality.  She shared that she didn't know if it could ever be a reality.  I shared with her that she had to believe it was possible if it has any chance of becoming a reality.  Debra is a young lady who will make a difference in her life.  When I speak to some adults who are worried about this generation they need to talk to Debra and they will find comfort that there are leaders emerging that will make a difference in the future.
Enjoy the poem!
Have a great weekend!

Kent Medlin


I wish I lived in a world...

Where I'm not considered more threatening than another,

And not more likely to be arrested for a crime.
While at the same time, live in a world
Where my skin gives me better "advantages".
Advantages that benefit the benefactor more.


Where I'm not just another statistic to be crossed off a list.

Where I'm not just a number.

A quota that colleges or businesses aim to hit,
To please themselves and the masses.

Resulting in a cycle of brainwashing from parent to child
To increase a feeling or worth.
Belonging. Entitlement. All misguided feelings.


I wish the world we lived in would be equal for all, not for some.

Nor be "equal", while still being unequal
Where I don't feel equivalent from activities that seem so trivial.

Where I don't feel the need to be lighter skinner
in order to be like everything that I see.

Where we don't have a light dominated media
That becomes surprised to see people of different races do the same.

Where sexual orientation just happens with no ill harm to anyone!
Where people feel safe to leave their homes and face the outside.

Where women are paid the same as men for the same job.
Where the price gap is more than seventy-seven cents to one dollar.
Where a CEO of a large company isn't paid $50,000 less than her male counterpart.

Where maternity leave is given to men as well.
In order for fathers to gain a strong bond with their children they help create.
Where fathers don't have little say in the well-being of their children.


I wish we lived in a world

Where "we're judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin"

Sexual orientation or gender.

I hope it comes true in my generation,

Though with what I've seen

I doubt it ever will

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Senior Danielle Sanger and McKayleigh Andrus have been selected "Honorable Mention" students in the 2014 Missouri Scholars 100, a statewide program that honors 100 of Missouri's top academic students. Missouri Scholars 100 is a program sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals.  
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Middle School Sinkhole Update

The leaking pipe in the sink hole has been repaired and the hole filled back with rock according to the geotech engineers instructions. The gravel in the hole will be allowed to settle for a while before the asphalt is repaired later this summer. Thanks to the MS admin, staff, & parents for your patience during the repair process.

Speech & Debate Students
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Recently the Speech and Debate Team went to Student Congress Districts which was their last qualifying tournament for Nationals this summer.  Willard now has a record four events going to compete in Kansas City this summer at Nationals!  Great Job!


Willard Named
Best Community For Music

For the 6th time Willard has been recognized by the NAMM Foundation as being among the Best Communities for Music education (BCME) in the United States. The BCME program applauds outstanding efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, students and community leaders who have made music education part of the core curriculum. Read more.

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Superintendent Honored
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Superintendent, Dr. Kent Medlin, was among 
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by the Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA). He was nominated for the honor by his colleagues in the Southwest MASA District.  more

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Snow Make-Up Days Updated

Monday, January 20 - Students attend full day
Friday, February 14 - Students attend 1/2 day
Monday, February 17 - Students attend full day
Friday, April 18 - Students attend full day
Monday, April 21 - Students attend full day
Thursday, May 22 - Students attend full day
Friday, May 23 - Students attend full day
Tuesday, May 27 - Students attend full day
Wednesday, May 28 - Students attend half day **

** The last day of school will be a half day for students. If additional snow make-up days are needed & May 28 is NOT the last day of school, then it will be changed to a full day for students.

 *** The tentative Saturday, March 29, make-up day has been cancelled.

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