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  • Dr. Medlin

    Last week we not only welcomed back approximately 4,600 students, I also welcomed 600+ staff members to the new year. I always enjoy the opportunity to visit with our staff. They are exceptional individuals. Often, I talk about learning and strategic goals for the year, focused on helping students succeed.

    This year I chose to talk about culture. Many of you have heard the quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast!". I wholeheartedly believe this statement. An organization which has poor culture is basically unhealthy and will not thrive. Administrators discuss culture continually and understand that it is essential to our district. Don Harkey, Co-Founder of People Centric, supported my theme this year as a special speaker for the welcome. (Don is also a proud Willard parent.) Don focused his thoughts around the following quote: "When you know your "Why" your "What" has greater impact!"

    To be a teacher you must know you're "What". The "What" includes content knowledge, teaching strategy, curriculum, pedagogy, etc... These are a given to apply for most any teaching job. Willard teachers as a whole know "Why". Click on the following link and watch the video clip for a visual representation of what I am saying. Know Your Why?? Few kids will learn from teachers that don't know their "Why"! I have great confidence knowing that Willard staff understands the "Why"! Do you understand your "Why?" If you do, I guarantee that your days are better and your life is meaningful!

    2016 - 2017 is going to be a tremendous year!

    Dr. Medlin

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    Willard Public Schools continually strives to be the best we can be. This philosophy of continued improvement has been in place for many years. Due to the size and demographics of our community it has always been challenging for district administrators and the Board of Education to gain a full understanding of patron perspective.

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  • All Staff Back-To-School Gathering

    Superintendent Dr. Kent Medlin welcomed faculty and staff to the 2016-17 school year at the districts All Staff Back-To-School Gathering. Mr. Don Harkey, Chief Innovation Officer at People Centric challenged staff to remember the "why" of serving kids.

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  • Notification System Signup

    One of the tasks we have as a school district is getting important information to you in a timely fashion. We believe it’s helpful to you and to the school if you have information about daily attendance, school cancellations, important reminders and emergencies as soon as possible.

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