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Snow Days!!!!
I looked on my weather channel app. this morning and discovered that there is little to no chance for snow all through next week. That is great news! My hope is to always get to Christmas without calling school out for snow. I was out one morning about 2 weeks ago driving roads at 4:30a.m. to determine if conditions were suitable for school.

That morning, like many others, demonstrated different road conditions in the North portion of our district compared to the South. That particular morning the South side of the district was worse then the North. The Willard School district is 113 square miles and extends approximately 10 miles North of Willard and South to a point between Mt. Vernon and Sunshine Street on the bypass. Weather can be significantly different in one part of the district in contrast to another.

The goal is to make a decision to cancel school by 6:00 each morning. The district then communicates this decision out on the district website, social media, (Facebook / Twitter), local news outlets, and phone calls to parents. Parents that believe conditions are not safe for themselves or their child to drive should never allow that to occur.

Willard has an option of calling a "Late Start" to school. Late Start only effects the Middle School and High School schedules. Days that are designated as Late Start changes the start time for grades 7-12 to 9:30a.m. This option is utilized when district officials believe road conditions will improve during morning hours to an acceptable level for safe transportation. 

I have lived in Southwest Missouri all my life. I am not naïve enough to believe that a snowstorm can't develop in the next week however, technology is giving us the all clear at this point. If you are interested in receiving district social media you can learn more on our district website

Have a great weekend!
Dr. Medlin

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