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  • Dr. Medlin Grades are complete, posters have been taken off the wall, computers have been disassembled, laptops have been checked in for maintenance, desks have been cleared off for summer cleaning.  It is time for summer break!  Most staff try to put on a great face for kids and parents but underneath they are tired.  The last few days of the school year demand incredible amounts of time and energy.  Adrenaline and coffee is helping some across the finish line. 

    Recently I walked into a school gym of another district.  The district was struggling to meet budget and it was apparent that funds had been pulled from maintenance.  The gym looked rough!  The floor had little wax left because it had been several years since it was re-coated.  The walls had paint peeling, and the carpet in the lobby was threadbare in heavy use areas.  I tried to look past the conditions of the facility and focus on the joy, fun, and memories that had occurred in the room.  I thought how the room had paid a heavy toll but the benefit to kids was worth every scratch, skid mark, broken light, etc... 

    That gym is a bit like a Willard Teacher, Administrator, or Staff Member at the end of the year.  Physically tired, worn around the edges, and in need of TLC and maintenance.    Emotional fuel tanks of staff members are running low.  However, I have an incredible belief in teachers, and especially Willard Teachers.  After a bit of time off for themselves and their families, they will begin thinking about their "new kids" they will greet in the fall.  They once again become excited about the opportunities to help students learn and succeed.  Their internal fuel tank begins to fill to capacity and once again they are ready in the fall to give it all back to kids. 

    I have always been told it is not how you start but how you finish.  I want to finish similar to the old gym.  I look in the mirror and the person looking back appears tired, scratched, and beat up due to the heavy toll.  However, I notice that the person in the mirror is smiling with the satisfaction that the sacrifice was worth the reward for kids!

    Willard staff is full of educational champions!  Go get filled up!

    Enjoy the summer!!!

    Dr. Medlin

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