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  • Dr. Kent Medlin Several individuals have asked my opinion about Amendment 3 which will be on the ballot in November.  This is a Missouri Constitutional Amendment which will result in an approximate sixty cent increase on the price of a box of cigarettes.  Revenues generated by the amendment are supposedly directed to early childhood education; however, major concerns exist with this legislation.  There are no details on how the revenues will be dispersed.  It outlines that an oversight committee is established to draft rules and process for the revenue.  The oversight committee is comprised of appointed individuals with few representing public schools.  The funds may also be distributed to private and parochial schools as well as public schools.  There are no requirements on how this committee will direct the funds.  Therefore, I have no certainty that funds will dispersed equitably or if schools such as Willard would experience any extra funding.  Additional funds for education are normally a welcome subject however, with the lack of specificity and certainty that the funds will go to all public schools I hesitate in supporting such flawed legislation.
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    Dr. Kent Medlin
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